The Experience

Play Fetch with a Pack of Dogs


For those who don't/can't own a dog, The GRE gives you the opportunity to have a couple of hours of dog-filled fun; from doggy cuddles to playing fetch.

Experience the Joys of Owning a Dog


If you've been considering dog ownership, why not find out what it's really like with us before making that big commitment.

Overcome Your Fear of Dogs


Golden Retrievers are renowned to be one of the most gentle and intelligent breeds, and that's why we entrust them to get you over your fear of dogs within our specially controlled environment.

Pet Bereavement


Have you lost a pet or loved one recently? Or know someone who has? Many people who are bereaving find it very therapeutic coming to The GRE because they are reminded of the joys of having had their pet and receive the healing love and attention they've been missing. 

PTSD Treatment & Stress Relief


If you need some time out of your busy lifestyle or are suffering from Combat Stress, The GRE is perfect for you! We're based in the quiet countryside of Exmoor National Park, surrounded by rolling hills with a 10 minute walk to the beach.

Special Occasions


The GRE is a great way to spend your Valentine's day, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion! Makes a perfect Wedding Gift and we do Gift Certificates. You can book out our grounds (dogs included of course) for up to 6 hours of dog-filled fun. 

Enquire below.

Learning, Social and Behavioural Difficulties


We specialise in the therapeutic needs of children and adults with all forms of learning/social/behavioural difficulties including Autism, Asperger's and other associated conditions. We support SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities).

Acquired Brain Injury Care


The GRE has shown to be a beneficial and therapeutic experience for clients suffering with ABI  and we are pleased to tailor your sessions to suit your patient's specific needs. 

Additional Expertise and Accessibility


 We have experience working with the blind, elderly patients and children and adults with Down syndrome. The GRE is fully wheelchair accessible and we have ample parking for minibuses and coaches.

Enquire and Book

Let us know what date and time slot you would like, how many people you're bringing, and any special needs for which we need to prepare. If booking a Gift Certificate you may request an Open Booking to be booked at will for dates 21st March to 31st October 2020.

We accept private bookings only!

We'd love to see all of you at The GRE but we want your experience to be personal and private.

Groups of 2 are fine but parties of 3 or 4 or more have more fun - up to 12 guests or so.


You can contact us for advice, Gift Certificates and future bookings 365 days a year.


OPEN   21st March to 31st October 2020: 7 Days a Week 11am - 6pm

CLOSED   1st November 2019 to 21st March 2020

Gift Certificates available for Valentines Day  Birthday  Anniversary  

Wedding Gift  Engagement  Father's Day  Mother's Day   Christmas

YOU NAME THE OCCASION - We'll create it for you. We can make individual party invites. Hen Dos welcome!

"I will never forget my day at the GRE, it was the best experience of my life!" Anne-Sophie, Lyon, France"