What should I wear?

Wear something you don't mind getting dirty and hairy. The perfect outfit is jeans or tracksuit bottoms with trainers and a t-shirt/hoodie/sweater. We don't recommend wearing white or anything expensive. We also have jumpsuits in all sizes if you'd prefer to cover up. Wellies are a good idea if we are expecting rain but frankly it is nearly always sunny and dry here! 

A spare change of shirt and trousers is a great idea if you want to go for something to eat after your Experience. If you don't get dirty here you haven't had enough fun!

How do I find The GRE?

We're on the way to Minehead off the A39. If you're coming from the North, take the Bridgewater exit off the M5. If you're coming from the South, take the Taunton exit off the M5. Then follow signs for Minehead. If you're coming by public transport, our nearest railway station is Taunton and from there you will need to get the 28 bus to Minehead but be sure to get off before Minehead at Carhampton. We are a 5 minute walk from there. Further details will be given with your booking confirmation email.

Is there accommodation locally to stay overnight?

Yes, we have a special GRE customer rate with The Luttrell Arms Hotel in Dunster which is only a 2 minute drive away from us and is, in our opinion, the best hotel in this area. There are also lots of B&Bs, Holiday Cottages and other hotels around Dunster, Minehead and Exmoor. Minehead also has a large Butlins if you're interested in making it a longer stay in West Somerset, and this is only a 5 minute drive from us . The Luttrell Arms Hotel is also Dog Friendly!

What else is there to do near The GRE?

There is the picturesque Dunster Castle and Medieval Village which is less than a mile away. From Dunster, you can see the tallest tree in England or take a ride on the West Somerset Steam Railway. In Minehead, you can visit their long sandy beaches, play golf along the beach course, play arcade games, look through surf shops and have cream tea at their cute tearooms. There is also a Butlins if you want to turn your trip into a full-on holiday.

Do you accept all ages?

Absolutely! Our dogs are great with everyone from babies to the elderly. Parents, however, need to ensure that children are respectful of the dogs, for example there should be no tail-pulling or screaming etc. In addition, physical and mental handicaps are no problem as we can ensure that only the calmest and most mature dogs are involved in your session.

Will the dogs bite me?

Absolutely not. It is not in the nature of Golden Retrievers to bite and no-one has ever been bitten by our dogs. We have expertly trained our dogs to be respectful and obedient, and not once have they been aggressive towards humans. You're more likely to be licked to death than bitten! 


How long can we spend at The GRE?

You can book the entire day at The GRE which lasts 6 to 8 hours or stay as little as 2 hours. Our minimum stay is a 2-hour session because you'll need enough time for briefing and playing with the dogs, and trust us - 1 hour is not enough! And most people say the same about our 2 hour sessions. Time flies when you're having fun!

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend that you check the weather for our area before you leave so that you come with either suncream & hat, waterproofs or warm jackets where appropriate. Otherwise, just bring yourselves! 

We do recommend you bring a spare change of clothes if you want to go for a nice lunch after your session.

Can we bring our own pets with us?

We happily accept other dogs, especially golden retrievers, to join our pack for your GRE session as long as they're well-behaved and get on nicely with other dogs. As for cats and other pets, we wouldn't recommend bringing them just in case they don't get on well with the dogs but they could stay in your car in the shade.

Can we bring treats for the dogs?

The dogs would absolutely love to be brought treats but we don't want to make any of the dogs fat so treat-giving must be done under our supervision. Lots of people like to bring dog food as a gratuity for the dogs as they love the taste of new food mixed in with their regular diet.

How many people can we bring?

We like to say that 10 to 12 people is a good maximum number but depending on the ratio of adults to children we could accommodate for more. It is always worth inquiring with us so that we can try to accommodate for your situation, we don't like leaving anyone out!

How many dogs will there be?

 You can have as many or as few dogs in your session as you would like. For those with a fear of dogs, we will only introduce you to one or two senior dogs until you feel comfortable with more. For those who want an extreme experience, we can slowly introduce you to the whole pack which is an incredible sensation. 


What happens if the weather is really bad on my day?

The GRE is an outdoor experience and cuddling wet dogs isn't that much fun so we are always happy to allow our GRE clients to reschedule their session if the weather is very wet. We constantly keep an eye on the weather forecast here so we are well informed if things look bad.

Luckily we are situated in a little micro-climate here in West Somerset and our weather is beautiful nearly every day of our season and we look forward to sharing it with you on your visit to the GRE.

How much do the Gift Certificates cost?

The GRE Gift Certificates are completely complimentary and we are happy to produce them for you! They make a really nice way to formalise the invitation to the GRE for a BFF, GF, BF, Partner... using a Birthday, Valentines Day, Anniversary... as an excuse to come to the GRE.

Gift Certificates can be created for any event you desire and are only limited by your imagination. For example, if you wanted to hold your birthday party here at the GRE we could create personal Gift Certificate Invitations for all your guests. Just ask us for help!